Preparing Your Home for Showings

Check the below areas and address these issues:

1. Lawn & Garage: First impressions are important!

  • Cut the grass, edge the driveway & walkway, trim all shrubs, pull weeds, plant flowers, rake leaves. Water & fertilize the lawn to keep green.
  • Remove any lawn ornaments
  • Garage should be swept, organized and tidy.

2. Interior Lighting:

  • The Brighter the Better – Illumination is a welcoming sign to prospects.
  • Turn on all lights throughout the house prior to showing the house. For after-dark inspections, turn on your exterior porch and driveway coachlights
  • Replace all burned out light bulbs with the maximum light producing bulbs.
  • Open all shades & draperies during the daylight hours

3. Kitchen:

  • Normally one of the first rooms inspected, with the top appeal to the lady of the house.
  • Keep countertops uncluttered & sparkling clean
  • Make sure all appliances work.
  • Keep oven & microwave clean – they are often inspected.
  • Fix leaking faucets – Dripping water discolors the enamel & calls attention to faulty plumbing.

4. Bathrooms:

  • Check & Re-Check Your Bathroom – Bright & Clean Bathrooms Sell many homes.
  • Keep toilet lids down & toilet bowl clean.
  • Polish chrome faucets & handles in the tub and sinks. All sinks, tubs, toilets & counters should be clean.

5. Closets & Storage:

  • All closets should be organized, uncluttered & tidy.
  • Clothes properly hung, shoes, hats and other articles neatly placed, will make your closets appear adequate.
  • All unneeded or unused items should be discarded or packed & stored off premises.

6. Windows:

  • All windows should be spotlessly clean inside and out, including window screens.
  • All window sills, as well as any space between the window and screens should be spotlessly clean and free of any dirt or bugs.
  • All windows should be in good repair with no cracks.
  • All window locks must work.

7. Floors:

  • All flooring should be clean and waxed if necessary.
  • All carpeting should be very clean regardless of its age. If the carpeting has not been steam cleaned for more than two years, now is the time to do it.

8. Doors, Cabinets & Drawers:

  • Loose doorknobs, warped cabinet doors & sticking drawers will be noticed by the prospect. Have them fixed
  • Oil squeeky doors, cabinets or drawers.

9. Ceramic Tile:

  • All joints between tiles should be clean and white. Use DAP bathroom tile sealer or caulk to reseal the joints between bathtub and wall and floor.
  • Also add fresh caulk at the joints of the kitchen back-splash.

10. Walls:

  • All walls should be clean & free of gouges, scratches, smudges, scotch tape, posters, thumbtacks, etc. Repaint if necessary.
  • Walls should only have decorative items. Posters and paper pictures taped to walls should be removed & all evidence of the tape markings removed.

11. Odor/Pets:

  • Nothing smells better than fresh air. Either open the windows for fresh air or use an air freshening spray.
  • Make your home feel & smell bright, fresh and clean & you will have a faster sale.
  • KEY POINT: Make very sure that there are absolutely no pet odors. Keep pets out of the way, preferably out of the house.

12. Remove any Distractions:

  • Shut off the Television – the TV can distract the prospects. Let the agent & the buyer talk free of any disturbances.
  • Maybe put on some soft music in the backround.

13. Let the Agent Do the Showing:

  • Three’s A Crowd – When a Realtor® and the prospect arrive, you should greet them courteously, and then disappear. Children and pets should also be kept clear.
  • Don’t volunteer any comment unless asked. Let the agent answer any objections that are raised.
  • A Word to the Wise – Do not discuss price, terms, possession or other factors with the customers. As a seller, almost anything you say could compromise your position. As a third party, a Realtor® can better bring the negotiation to a favorable conclusion.

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